[Glade-users] Menu icons not showing up.

On 10/01/07, Zach Tibbitts <zach at collegegeek.org> wrote:


I'm currently running Ubuntu Edgy 6.10, and am using glade 3.1.4 which I
built from
Feisty's sources. I'm experiencing a strange problem.

For items in the window of the application I'm creating, items will only
show their icon
if I set them to a stock item, which I don't want to do, as I want to be
able to set the
label for that menu item.  If I assign the menu item a stock image, but
not make it a
stock item, the image will show up fine in the Glade UI, but when I run my
program and
load the glade file, the icon is gone.

I have related problem but with "filename" icons, i did small video where I
show that icons are not saved to xml file.

Here is the video: http://hakore.com/stuff/glade_missing_image.avi

Marcin Krzy?anowski
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