[Glade-users] placing widgets on windows

On Fri, 07 Dec 2007 10:06:08 -0400
yacahuma <devx at stccorp.net> wrote:

After placing a widget (a button or label) on the layout. I am not
able to move it or resize it. Is this a bug? Do I have to do it
Well, I think you should read some documentations first.
It's not a bug, programs interface should be built using containers
placed in the way you need them in order to get a pleasant design.
Alternatively, you might want to make use of fixed containers, that let
you place your widgets where you want, but look bad when the window is
If you decie to use those (I personally don't reccomend it), you can
operate on stuff by holding shift and then resize/move it.

Is there documentation to help me get started in terms of which
widgets to use for what situations.

Thank you

I suppose it's plenty of tutorials out there, even if i have to admint
i had some difficulties to find a decent one.
however, i found this really interesting:
but also hava a look at some of the sample application that really
helped me starting off: http://glade.gnome.org/apps.html

PS: I think I am going to try to build a quicken replacement using
php-gtk, mysql and glade. I know enough php and mysql. php-gtk, glade
is another story. Any ideas, comments, words of advise.
Just good luck! :)

-- Giulio

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