[Glade-users] Glade# problem - Glade.HandlerNotFoundException for the event "Pressed" issue

I am writing a small piece of software to learn to get to grips with
Glade(2) and C#

I have no problems using the "clicked" event on a button - but when I
use the "pressed" event I run into a bit of trouble.

In my code I have these "using" directives :

using System;
using System.IO;
using Gtk;
using GtkSharp;
using Glade;
using spus;

My function to be called by the button event called "Pressed" (in
glade-2) is set to go to :

private void fkey_pressed (object obj, ButtonPressEventArgs a)
     DEBUG.info ("Shortcut button Clicked");

At runtime I run into this problem when glade tries to connect my
signal handler with the button "pressed" signal :

Unhandled Exception: Glade.HandlerNotFoundException: The handler for
the event Pressed should take '(System.Object,System.EventArgs)', but
the signature of the provided handler ('fkey_pressed') is

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