[Glade-users] placing widgets on windows

This is an often confusing aspect of GTK+ programming for users coming 
from a windows background. Once you master it though, it will save you 
tons of time in writing code for resizing and layout.

What you want to learn is "packing" widgets into containers. Although 
this post is a bit outdated (uses glade2), it shows some of the packing 
and compares it to using Visual Basic: 

- Micah Carrick

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yacahuma wrote:
After placing a widget (a button or label) on the layout. I am not able
to move it or resize it. Is this a bug? Do I have to do it manually? 

Is there documentation to help me get started in terms of which widgets
to use for what situations.

Thank you

PS: I think I am going to try to build a quicken replacement using
php-gtk, mysql and glade. I know enough php and mysql. php-gtk, glade is
another story. Any ideas, comments, words of advise.

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