[Glade-users] Translation, gtk labels, and gettext

On Dec 7, 2007 4:06 AM, Caleb Marcus <caleb.marcus at gmail.com> wrote:

 I'm now having issues with glade and gettext. I can run xgettext directly
on the glade file, but that just produces a file with ALL the strings, not
just the translatable ones. I can run intltool-extract on the glade file to
produce a .h file, but running xgettext on the result doesn't produce any
output unless I use the -a argument, which just extracts all the strings,
which I don't want. What should I do?

I was under the impression that there is an intltool rule for this
(similar to INTLTOOL_XML_NOMERGE_RULE) that you can
add to your project's makefile to create myproject.glade from
myproject.glade.in .

although I just noticed that glade 2 used to dump translatable strings
into a file for this purpose; IMO this should be the domain of intltool
to extract translations from glade files (or gtkbuilder files).

I would recommend that you verify that such a rule doesnt exist
yet and file an rfe under intltool for that.

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