[Glade-users] libglade and Druid


I?m trying to develop my first GTK application (using RUBY) and libglade.

The first thing I try to do is to run a ?Druid? to configure my application.
But, when
Using libglade to load the druid window, libglade does? t not set the logo
nor the
Background color.

Libglade 2.5.1
Glade 2.6.8

I have to do call 'set_logo', 'set_bg_color', etc ...
Do you have any idea ?

In the XML file:

<widget class="GtkWindow" id="DruidWindow">
    <widget class="GnomeDruid" id"ConfigurationDruid">
      <widget class="GnomeDruidPageEdge" id="ConfigurationDruidStart">
        <property name="logo">title.png</property>


If I call 'set_log( Gdk::Pixbuf.new( "title.png" ) ) the logo is ok.

I should say that I've also tried with the following C program:
#include <gnome.h>
#include <glade/glade.h>

main( int argc , char* argv[] )
    GtkWidget* window1;
    GladeXML * xml;

    gnome_init( "TOTO" , "1.0" , argc , argv );
    xml = glade_xml_new( "./grgl.glade" , 0 , 0 );
    window1 = glade_xml_get_widget( xml , "DruidWindow" );
    gtk_widget_show_all( window1 );
    return 0;

And I've got the same result ... no logo and no color (other than the
default one) was set.

What's the probleme please ?

Marzullo Laurent
Atos Origin - Gestion de Configuration
mail: laurent.marzullo at atosorigin.com
T?l: 01 44 (44 55 54)

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