[Glade-users] new and confused

greg white wrote:

I am running mandriva (2007) and have some experience in programming in 
plain C (dos - 30 years)

I have been trying, for a couple of weeks to get anjuta (2.02) and glade 
(3.0) going and keep running into problems.  Anjuta, for instance, I run 
a tutorial, it tells me to do something and glade gets invoked but it 
does not.  I also cannot get help to function in anjuta.  Then I drop 
back to glade, run a tutorial, and help does not want to run (although 
help on specific widgets will run). 

What do you mean "help does not want to run" ?

Currently there is a pending patch for the user documentation
of glade for 3.0.x, the plan will be to fire up yelp from the help
menu and show those docs... comming soon :)


BTW: If you are using anjuta2 with glade plugin active - you
should compile anjuta cvs against glade 3.0.2 - this fixes some

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