[Glade-users] new and confused

I am running mandriva (2007) and have some experience in programming in 
plain C (dos - 30 years)

I have been trying, for a couple of weeks to get anjuta (2.02) and glade 
(3.0) going and keep running into problems.  Anjuta, for instance, I run 
a tutorial, it tells me to do something and glade gets invoked but it 
does not.  I also cannot get help to function in anjuta.  Then I drop 
back to glade, run a tutorial, and help does not want to run (although 
help on specific widgets will run).  then I do a search (on the net) to 
try and find the documentation to add to these programs and that fails.  
I have also noticed that most online documentation (the gnome link for 
glade documentation, for instance, has a 2001 date on it) is either old 
or makes some assumptions insofar as reader knowledge is concerned.  I 
think I am making a bunch of assumptions that are just plain wrong and 
need straightening out.  Perhaps what I am seeing is what I get?  (I can 
live with that, and stop spinning my wheels if this is it).

As far as I can tell these programs are properly installed.  I am, 
obviously, ignorant.  I am, however, able to read if somebody can point 
me in the right direction. 

Thank you...............

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