[Glade-users] Glade-3 and derived widgets

Magnus Danielson wrote:
(I seriously need to update glade3/widgets/adding-widgets.txt which
"should" cover all of this)

Please do. It seems that glade-3 is mature enought for me to bother about it
compared to glade-2, so I will be reading things and ask questions to make
things tick. I know that I need to add things which is not standard Gtk widgets
and I want to be able to use Glade as an interface builder for those objects.

    I promise that I'll write up "adding-widgets.txt" properly
this week. (there, now I dont have a choice ;-D )

I was however forced to checkout the CVS stuff to see it. The latest snap-shot
is as much latest as it maybe should be. 3 months of fine developments later...

Ah well sorry about that; I'm planning on makeing a release as soon
as Juan's work on the menubar-editor stablizes (and we're very very
close to that so it should be soon).

I assume that I somehow need to build a library hold the functionality of my
new widgets.

This library typicly will only provide support for non-standard object
behaviour, like if you have objects that parent other object which
are not GtkWidget or GtkContainer; or if you have parameters to implement
that are not implemented via GParamSpec/g_object_install_property.

But any derived widgets needs to be put away in a library anyway, so that
glade-3 can display them, right?

I know I will add new events for instance.

Ah well, it can be done like that too; actually its probably
a good idea, but you can also build a support module that
only links to the library actually contains the said widgets.

IOW, you dont /have/ to distribute the glade plugin support with
the app that needs your custom derived widgets (but glade-3 /does/
need to at least /see/ the actual objects).

Anyway, my resulting conclusion is that libglade and glade-3 is certainly
giving me the oppertunity to do what I wished to do and it is all there plus
minus some teething. There is still some questions regarding the real hows on
the nitty gritty (documentation should solve this), but it should be capable of
doing it.

      I should also get API docs generated; since glade-3 provides
an API not only for plugin writers but also for IDE writers theres
been alot documentation written into function headers; worth checking


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