[Glade-users] Glade-3 and derived widgets


I'm toying around with Glade-3 (2.90.0) and it looks like it is going towards
an interesting place... and it looks like it could reduce the amount of work I
have to do.

I have derived a widget from GtkDrawingArea (which seems badly covered by
gtk+.html, with my naive and blue-eyed view on things). So, now I ask you this,
what do I have to do to make Glade-3 find and properly handle my additional

I make a few assumptions, which may be far off, so please point that out if
I assume that I can provide my XML file with the glade-catalog of my objects.
I assume that I the XML file is sufficient to bind the widgets and its events.
I assume that I can inherit and object from another XML file.
I assume that I somehow need to build a library hold the functionality of my
new widgets.
I assume that I can then use this environment to acheive the same kind of
Glade-3 widget compositing as I can do with previously known objects, create a
glade XML file which then libglade is able to execute correctly including my
privately added widgets.

If this is within the vision but not quite there, what is missing (i.e. is
there something where I may help out)?

It seems like not all objects are there with all their events. Right?

Magnus - Mr. Blue-Eyes tonight

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