[Glade-users] Dialog with glade

I have this callback function in the main file:

 >  void on_dialog_button_pressed() {
 >     glade_xml_new("/home/paolo/dialog.glade" , NULL, NULL);
 >  }

and the glade file attached.

But when I press the 'dialog_button' nothing happens.
I had this problem once..I hope you are using libglade..In that case 
make sure you have the -export-dynamic flag..
Run your application from the terminal and see what messages you get..
If you get something like..
libglade-WARNING: couldn't find signal handler <blah blah blah>
you need to add the above mentioned flag.....
I can see from your glade file that the widget isnt set to visible. 
Either change that or if you would like to manually do that during 
runtime..just a
gtk_widget_show() will help..

Sudharshan S

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