[Glade-users] Dialog with glade

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On Tue, 2006-12-19 at 16:27 +0100, Paolo Franzetti wrote:
I have this callback function in the main file:

 >  void on_dialog_button_pressed() {
 >     glade_xml_new("/home/paolo/dialog.glade" , NULL, NULL);
 >  }

and the glade file attached.

But when I press the 'dialog_button' nothing happens.

Really ? How do you know that nothing happens ?

By my reading, the dialog1 is not visible, so basicly in the 
on_dialog_button_pressed() function, assuming it is found 
correctly and connected correctly, a GladeXML object (and 
a coresponding widget heirarchy) will be created and leaked
every time you press the button.

If your program aborts() for lack of memory after enough
button presses then you will know that your program is in
fact functioning properly.


OK! I have completely missed the "visibility" attribute.

Now it works perfectly

Thank you very much to all.


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