[Glade-users] WARNING **: Couldn't find pixmap file

On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 12:06 +0200, Claus Behl wrote:

i have a problem with showing a pixmap-file:

I have found a post at this list:

/ Is there any other way of my application to find the
/>/ images other than having to do "make install" ???

I understand this question. I wonder where is the natural place  to look 
for an image file?

  image1 = create_pixmap (window1, "bq_d.jpg");

Now i would expect that, a file "bq_d.jpg" in the working-directory 
would be found. So putting the bin-file and the images in the same
directory should work. But of course it dousnt work. It would help my 
understanding very much, if someone can explain to me where to put the 

It is pretty confusing, I'm afraid.

The code for create_pixmap() is in the support.c file so you can read

Are you creating a GNOME or a GTK+ project? For GNOME we use the
standard gnome_program_locate_file() to search for the pixmap.

For GTK+ Glade outputs an add_pixmap_directory() function to add
directories to be searched. In main.c it adds the standard installed
  add_pixmap_directory (PACKAGE_DATA_DIR "/" PACKAGE "/pixmaps");

PACKAGE_DATA_DIR is set in the Makefile.am.


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