[Glade-users] libglade: coding style: just curious about glade_xml_get_widget implementation


Sorry for asking this, libglade is fast anyways, so it doesn't need to
be tweaked
for performance right now in my opinion, but I am just so curious I can't resist
asking this: does anyone know whether glade_xml_get_widget uses a hash
table on the input strings to look up the pointer to retrieve? Or is
it an O(n log n)
kind of walk through the nodes of the binary tree to find the right
one. Either way,
if it uses a hash table, how does it hash on the strings, given that they are of
variable length strings?

Just interested because I don't know whether I shoud keep calling


each time I need it or just waste lots of line of code creating named pointer
variables for everything. The first approach seems neater, so long as it does
not have a performance drawback.

Just curious about style,



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