[Glade-users] Glade, List or Tree View, and deprecated Columned List

On Sat, 2004-10-16 at 07:08, Neil Zanella wrote:

I notice that the GTK+ "Columned List" is deprecated
in favor of the "List or Tree View". However, when I
add a "List or Tree View" with Glade I cannot seem
to set the column names in the same way as I can
with a "Columned List". Can I do this from Glade.
I am currently running Glade 2.5, which I just
updated on my Fedora Core 2 distro with the
"yum update glade2" command. So, how do
I set the column names for a "List or Tree VIew"
which I want to make behave just like a "Columned List"?

The new GtkTreeView is much more complicated than the old GtkCList, and
unfortunately it is not easy to set things like column names and sizes
within Glade.

Another related question is, how do I set the width
of the "Columned List" in Glade. It seems that Glade
seems to let you drag them to whatever widths you want
but doesn't seem to let you set them to a precise number
of pixels programmatically. Any ideas?

You can edit the XML file directly.

(The Control+click thing on the palette is documented in the latest
manual, by the way.)


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