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 I think that what you are talking about is similar to what Windoze does. Your
application can make an entry on the "contextual menu". Example, When we
install vim on Windoze, it adds a "Open With Vim" option on the "contextual"

  Some Window Managers do that. KDE has a similar feature where if you
a text, it will popup a menu asking if you want to "foolow" the link with
"Galeon/Netscape/Opera/etc.. whaterever."

  If this is what you are looking for, you will have to look for specific
Window MAnagers or code one to do that. An application on its own will not be
able to do so. Or perhaps comup with a daemon program that filters ALL the
events and handles the even that it want to handle -- so, ou might be better
off coding an WM.

  Hope this helps.

--- "asmouta nomade fr" <asmouta nomade fr> wrote:
sorry but it's still not my purpose.

I have not to click on a particular icon (created for the
application) to access to it. I want to be able to access
to the application even when I  right click on any icon of
another file or directory (for exemple a text file), so
then I'll be able to apply my application to this file
(directory). Like the options (copy and paste) when you
right click on a file, I want to add a similar option
(sign) to this contextuel menu. Is it possible to do??

Thanks a lot and sorry for annoying you.
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