[Glade-users] Glade and gettext...

I'm not sure I understood your problem Evan, could you be a bit more speci=

ok, I'm a newbie myself, but if your problem is really similar to mine, I =
already lost some time looking for answers,=20
which you could save :)


Evan Carew <ecarew workforcesoftware com> schrieb am 31.07.03 14:15:10:
Is this because Glade isn't ready for prime time yet or is it because=20
RedHat misconfigured an application=3F I too have a Stock redhat install &=
am getting the same output. I sure wish there were a way to fix this=20
without having to go & recompile a package.
Rikke D. Giles wrote:

How on earth do I disable gettext=3F=3F=3F

I'ts under the C options... General Options, gettext support.  Uncheck=
it.  You'll need to rebuild your project then

I'm using Red Hat 9,  and glade 1 (for some other strange reason my
project can't open on glade-2)

This is probably becuase you haven't converted it yet with libglade-


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