[Glade-users] Glade and gettext...

Ok. everything cool now...=20

thanks again Rikke, the glade2 conversion solved all my problems.  I'll ju=
st go back to my C code..
I'm also having some fun with your tutorial right now.


"Rikke D. Giles" <rgiles telebyte com> schrieb am 31.07.03 14:52:06:
You'll have to direct the output into a file.
Basically the command would be:
libglade-convert filename > newfilename
Then tell glade to open the newfilename.  Basically I made a new=20
subdirectory /Projects2 for my glade2 projects.  I then put the=20
converted files into their own subdirectorys in that directory, just=20
like glade1 did it.
There are several tutorials on the net for glade, one of them is mine=20
(I have a tutorial for glade1 and another for glade2).  You can also=20
find tutorials listed on the glade homepage at glade.gnome.org.
My tutorials are linked at www.kplug.org/tutorials.shtml
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