[Glade-users] List Widgets..

Hi all,

I 'm struggling right now trying to understand how to deal with List Widge=

Already read some of the API documentation, where these nice functions are=
 showed, but I don't understand where should I place my code...

being more specific, in interfaces.c, I saw that glade creates the ListVie=
w with the gtk=5Flist=5Fstore=5Fnew (), but it is called without parameters, and=
 therefore, my list is created, but empty.

The doubts:

*If I want a list with, say 3 columns, should I change the call of gtk=5Flis=
t=5Fstore=5Fnew in interfaces.c=3F=3F I think glade will overwrite it anyway, so I=
t doen't make much sense to me... Where should I define then my columns=3F

*How do I retrieve the view in order to attach it to the model=3F

*Is there any tutorial or running example on Tree / List widgets that I co=
uld take a look=3F=3F=3F




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