[Glade-users] interface and looping functions

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 f parzefall multitest de wrote:

How can I call such a function and still keep the interface in a state 
where I can press buttons etc. to control the looping function?

GTK won't process events preemptively, you must explicitly give it a
chance to do so.  I have a bit of code I used for a splash screen that
keeps the user informed of loading progress, the way I deal with the
problem is:

    while (gtk_events_pending())

each time I update the display.  Be careful to understand reentrancy
issues if you use this from a callback!

The preferred, but trickier to keep portable, method is to use threads.
Perhaps you want to create a lightweight wrapper API around threads for
your specific purpose, and use preprocessor macros to call the appropriate
functions for thread creation.


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