[Glade-users] interface and looping functions

Hi folks,
This may be a really dump question but anyway I don't have an answer.

I have a function that runs in a loop eg. a function that gets a 
picture from a frame grabber and does some image processing or what ever.
Each cycle it checks wether it should continue or not.
If I simply call such functions from a gtk made user interface, the 
waits for the loop to finish. Of course this never happens if the loop
looks for an input from the interface.

How can I call such a function and still keep the interface in a state 
where I can press buttons etc. to control the looping function?

What I already tried is setting up a signal and an appropiate handler 
function from
with I initiated just one cycle of the abovementioned function and then 
the next delayed signal. The drawback of this is that it is not really 
and my programs currently have to run on Linux and NT.

Any hints, links, books where I can get further information?

Franz Parzefall
Vision Systems

Multitest elektronische Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Aeussere Oberaustr. 4
83026 Rosenheim
Tel:   +49 (0)8031 406 473
Fax:   +49 (0)8031 406 420
Email: f parzefall multitest de
Web:   www.multitest.de

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