[Glade-users] Re: Re: Create Directory browser instead of File browser


One of my colleagues found out the solution for the directpory browser. I=
n fact the "gnome file entry" widget has a provision for browsing just th=
e directories. =


On Fri, 07 Sep 2001 James Cameron wrote :
Shivdeep Krishnan wrote:
I am currently creating a windows-style setup for my =

project; but I am
stuck in the part of a directory browser. I want a =

directory browser =

instead of a file browser. The fileselection dialog =

does not have
features to make invisible the files. please suggest =

what i should do.

I don't know if there is an easier solution than what I =

am about to
propose, but I do know that if you follow my solution =

you may find there
is an easier one.  ;-)

What I would do is read the source code for the =

fileselection widget,
and understand how it does the work.  Figure out if =

there is a way to
either ask it to filter the list before displaying, or =

maybe find out
the widget pointer for the list and use your own code =

to remove anything
you don't want before showing the widget to the user.

Because GTK+ is open source, you are able to do this.  =

toolkits are often closed source, and you must treat =

them as black
boxes.  Change your habits; be free to look under the =

engine cover.

-- =

James Cameron                                      =

(cameron stl dec com)

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