[Glade-users] Software Licencing

Hypothetically, you could perhaps make the software open source, and just remove
the parts you don't want others to see. Instead, place those parts in your
own version of the compiler.
Of course, that would mean that noone could recompile the code, but you would
still make it open source.. right?


On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Ben Ford wrote:

Shivdeep Krishnan wrote:

My company would like to know if we have to release the source code of the software developed using GTK+ 
and GLADE. This is because there is a security risk involved if the source code is available, they feel. 
Please inform me.

My opinion is that security by obscurity only buys you time.  (I work
for a security firm.)

But no, you don't have to open source GTK developed applications.


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