[Glade-users] support.c & interface.c undefined reference to `_'


I was using Glade to build a dynamic library and an 
executable. The dynamic library would contain the support.c 
file and a few popup windows (like would youlike to save 
your work, or erase a file, etc.). I have no problem or 
warning compiling the library (I'm compiling it with -Wall 

But I'm stuck with the main executable when I'm linking, it 
says me : libgui.so: undefined reference to `_'

And I've found lots of this kind of weird code in 
interface.c and support.c such as this ones :

g_warning(_("......."), ....);

smnuNew = gtk_menu_item_new_with_label ("");
tmp_key = gtk_label_parse_uline (GTK_LABEL (GTK_BIN 
(smnuNew)->child), _("_Nouveau"));

Is that C standard and what does it do, can I remove them?


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