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Subject: [Glade-users] Port to Windows ....
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 14:32:15 +0100
From: "Barry Drake" <b drake ntlworld com>
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Hi ........

Those who were interested in porting their Linux stuff written with Glade 
to Windows.  Log on to http://www.filegenie.com/ with a user name of 
'moses' and password 51ze42.  I've put a large (nearly 10 meg) zipfile 
there.  It's called gtk4win.

It is not my code (except for the makefile).  All I've done is collect the 
necessary stuff and put it into a diectory structure and zipped it up.  It 
should be all you'll need to re-compile GTK dependent C and C++ files 
(and anything else that GCC handles) into Windows executables.  The 
Windows exe's are portable, and dependent only on the DLL's I've put in 
the package.  Unzip the package complete with its directories into the 
root directory of your drive.  It makes a directory called Glade, and 
places all other directories below it.  There is a read-me included in the 
Glade directory that you will make.

What you get:
The mingwin library and link stubs, the GTK, GDK and GLIB libraries, 
and their stubs and mingwin. (This is a minimal Windows interface library 
that lets the other libraries operate).  Anything that you build using GTK 
under Linux should port.  I have included the windows port of GCC with 
all its adjuncts including GDB and the other stuff it uses, and a make 
utility called JAM.  If you haven't used it, you're in for a treat - but the 
documentation is a bit obscure.  

I've also included the Editor example C files from Glade and some simple 
stuff I built using Glade.  I have NOT ported Glade (somebody should  - 
not me -:)  When you've got it set up on a Windows maching (win386) 
you should find the editor and the other code should build 'from the box'.

There are one or two doc files, and a simple C tutor.  You might want to 
get the GTK API documents from the GTK site as well, but you won't 
need that if you are using GTK already.  All the code is 'open-source' and 
the limitations (few) are in the docs.  Enjoy!

Easter Blessings (or Pesach Blessings).


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