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On 16 Aug 2001 14:17:25 -0500, Huang, Mike wrote:
Hello, fellow Glade users:

O.K., I'm now three days old to Glade (I used MS Visual C++ before). Having
been experimenting it on a GUI project, I have some questions:

1. Are there convenient ways to divide a region (that can hold child widget)
into NOT equally sized regions? 
So far, what I know is using horizontal/vertical panes to achieve that, but
I don't want a user be able to adjust it, and I don't want the tab shown.

Yes, most containers like boxes and tables can do this.
But you have to use the packing options to get the layout you want.

For example you can use a table and make one widget 3 columns wide and
another one 5 columns wide, and it should divide up extra space between
them in those proportions.

2. Why the window size of a compiled/executed application is smaller than
the one created by Glade?
I use Glade to create a window with the full screen size but it appears
smaller after I compile and executed the application. I need to click the
full-screen button to explorer it.

You can set the default size of the window in the property editor.

If you hit Ctrl-R above a window, it should be resized to the size it
will appear when you compile it.

3. Does Glade support any database development?
All I need is to be able to store some records and retrieve them to/from a
table at this time. How to do it with Glade?

There is some support for GnomeDB, but you have to compile Glade with
 ./configure --enable-gnome-db to use this, and you have to have recent
versions of Glade and GnomeDB (possibly CVS versions even).

4. I installed Glademm and related c++ standard library. I run autogen.sh,
and system tells me missing macro files. I don't quite understand the
process. Can someone show me the steps to generate c++ code?

There is a separate list for C++ development. See the Gnome mailing


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