[Glade-users] {Glade-Users] Adding a Dialog window to the top-level window

On 13 Aug 2001 13:37:01 -0700, Paul Danielson wrote:

<<< Newbie alert >>>

I have a top-level window created in Glade that starts a variable number 
of pthreads...

One of those threads creates a dialog window (created as a "Dialog" type 
in Glade, rather than a top-level dialog)  when a certain file is found 
to be missing on my system.  

The problem is that when my dialog thread opens the dialog, it happens 
to open the dialog window BEHIND (and before?) the main window.  I 
assume there is a timing issue here, probably that the dialog is 
realized (mapped?) before the main (top-level) window is, but I am 
unsure about how to proceed...

I thought I could create the dialog as a child of the main window, but 
apparently there is no way I can do that in Glade (IS there????) .

Any help, or a pointer in the right direction to do my own footwork 
would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Glade can't help here.

But you can call gtk_window_set_transient_for() to make sure the dialog
stays in from of the main window.


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