[Glade-users] pbm with lookup_widget

On 13 Aug 2001 17:39:53 +0000, Chris Ellec wrote:


the following code

if ( lookup_widget(test_window,"Test_report") )
      printf("lookup ok\n");

now seg faults on the lookup (according to gdb).
Lookup_widget works fine on other widgets. I have not changed those
widget in a long time. 

The only thing I coud think of is that I recently upgraded the libglade
and libglade-gnome libraries so I could run memprof.

I have glade 5.9 and liglade 0.11

If you are using libglade you usually use another function to
get pointers to widgets, something like glade_xml_get_widget().

Can you send a stack trace?


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