[Glade-users] deepika sikri wipro com

On 13 Aug 2001 08:33:56 +0500, Deepika Sikri wrote:
 I'm developing GUI in GTK Perl uisng Glade.I have this requirement of 
putting images (jpg/gif) on the frame widget.I had looked in the 
tutorials and found how to assciate images of xpm format in Gtk Perl.
But nothing was mentioned about jpgs/gifs format.
I need to know how it can done !Any help will be appreciated.
Note: I'm not a member of this mailing list so kindly CC replies to my 
id(deepika sikri wipro com).

GTK+ 1.2.x only has builtin support for xpm images.
To use other types of images, like jpgs/gifs you need to use another
library like gdkpixbuf (or maybe imlib).

(GNOME currently uses imlib. GTK+ 2.0 will include the gdkpixbuf
library, and GNOME 2.0 will use that as well then.)


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