[Glade-users] Pathname bug in glade


as mentioned in my earlier post "Build Source Code for C++ Projects",
when I click the Build button in glade in order to create the sources
with glade--, I get the error message

  Error running glade-- to generate the C++ source code.
  Check that you have glade-- installed and that it is in your PATH.

I finally figured out that this only happens to projects which reside in
directories that have spaces in their names. For example if I click
build for a project "/home/felix/test project/sample.glade", I get the
error message, and after renaming "test project" to "test_project" the
error message dissappears. However, calling "glade-- sample.glade"
manually works in both cases and produces valid C++ code.

Is this a bug in glade or am I doing something wrong?



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