[Glade-users] Tooltips for GtkCheckButton

Graham Williams wrote:

Perhaps I've missed an important point somewhere......

Why can't a GtkCheckButton have a tooltip set by Glade?

I select the check button in Glade but the Tooltip text entry under
the Basic tab of the Properties editor for the widget is shaded out
with an N/A.

I can edit the XML to add a <tooltip> to it and generate the C code
(for GNOME) and the tooltip works. Next time I load the XML into Glade
the tooltip is shown when the mouse hovers over the check button but
it does not appear in Properties->Basic->ToolTip and when the project
is saved it is lost from the XML!

Tooltips only work for GTK+ widgets which have their own X window,
and GtkCheckButton & GtkRadioButton widgets normally do not.

However, they create their own InputOnly window and still get X events,
so tooltips do in fact still work. I'm not quite sure why they have to
be this way - it does over-complicate things.

Anyway, I've added a workaround to Glade so it will let you put tooltips
on GtkCheckButton & GtkRadioButton widgets in future.

Thanks for the report.


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