[Glade-users] append a page to a notebook


I have a problem to append a page to a notebook, in
fact it works on my computer (linux 2.2.16, Mandrake
7.1), but not on another distriution such as Redhat

In fact, I create a window, with in it ann example of
a complex page, I then find the widget of the page to
Here is the piece of code:

my_widget = create_window_notebook_ex();
intab = lookup_widget(my_widget,"vbox_tab");
sprintf(server_label_text,"new tab");

and when i launch the program under a Redhat for
example, i get:
Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkwidget.c: line 3360
(gtk_widget_set_parent): assertion
'widget->parent==NULL' failed.


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