[Glade-users] Want to set colors of widgets...

Friedrich Steven E CONT CNIN wrote:

Thanks for the info...  I am now able to set the background color from code,
but I still can't do it from an rc file.  I keep reading the GTK v1.2
Tutorial by Tony Gale and Ian Main, but I just don't get it.  Is there a
better tutorial on using rc files?

The reference docs on http://www.gtk.org/rdp/download.html have a section
on rc files.


# I've tried all the below, to no avail */
widget "app.dock1.fixed1" style "lcp"
widget "app.dock1" style "lcp"
widget "app" style "lcp"
widget "fixed1" style "lcp"

A GnomeApp inserts extra widgets, so the best thing to use is

widget "*.fixed1" style "lcp"

I've just tried this and it worked. But make sure you've set the
"Set Widget Names" option on the "C Options" page in Glade.


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