[Glade-users] Include others libraries in a Glade project

Hello everybody

I want to ask you some questions that could have already included in the
FAQ. I need to include external libraries in order to compile and make
link edit of programs which need the libXml2-2.2.0 (the last one of the
W3C) inside a glade project. 
_Are there any risks of libraries conflicts with the ones that are used
by Glade ?
_What is the easy way to do this ?

In the FAQ,(may be old) that I ve printed, explanations are given on how
to modify "/src/Makefile.am" in order to include .c and .h for the own
code we need to include inside a Glade project but I haven't seen any
details regarding the extern libraries which we could need to insert for

Exple:of my own "/src/Makefile.am":

XLIBS=`/usr/local/bin/xml-config --libs`
XFLAGS=`/usr/local/bin/xml-config --cflags`

        $(XFLAGS) \
        -I$(top_srcdir)/intl \

bin_PROGRAMS = project2

project2_SOURCES = \
        main.c \
        support.c support.h \
        interface.c interface.h \
        callbacks.c callbacks.h


This configuration of file failed because both variables XLIBS and
XFLAGS are not recognised properly.

Thanks for your help


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