FW: [Glade-users] Want to set colors of widgets...

Friedrich Steven E CONT CNIN wrote:
Is there a better tutorial on using rc files?

Yes.  The GTK+ source.  This is white box programming; it isn't hidden
from you.  As a result, you are most welcome to look under the hood and
see how it actually works.  Keeping documentation in sync with code does
not always happen, so with open source projects the code becomes an
integral part of the documentation.

Every time I dip into the source to understand something, my ability to
program using GTK+ improves dramatically.

Suggestion: [not aiming to start an editors war] unpack the GTK+ source
.tar.gz file, cd to the subdirectory gtk, type "etags *.c *.h", start
emacs, open gtkrc.c, and start looking through the code.  If you find a
function that you want to go to, or a variable type you don't
understand, type ALT/. (alt period) and it will take you to the
definition.  See also the files *rc* in the gtk subdirectory, as they
may help.

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

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