[Glade-users] Image

James Cameron wrote:

Randal Leavitt wrote:
So, related to this - how does one display a GIF or JPEG file using
Glade?  Do I have to convert such files to Xpm format in order to
display them using GtkPixmap?  If so, how?

Yes, they need to be converted.  I usually use a manual process with
command line image conversion tools, or with an interactive image editor
such as The GIMP.  Imlib also springs to mind as a potential library you
may want to use, if it is necessary to do the conversion at run-time.

gdk-pixbuf could also be considered. It is going to be included in GTK+ 2.0
(and hence Gnome 2.0) and is better than imlib (which Gnome 1.x uses).
Though it may not be 100% stable yet.
There should be links on http://www.gnome.org

For converting images, you can use the imagemagick utilities (do 'man convert')
e.g. 'convert mypic.gif mypic.xpm'.

For small icons this is probably the easiest solution. (It is what I did
for Glade's palette icons.)


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