[Glade-users] Image

Randal Leavitt wrote:
Unfortunately, the various tutorials do not explain this widget,
and I have not been able to guess how to use it.  Does anyone have any

What we usually do when this happens is;

a) read the /usr/include/gtk/gtkimage.h file if any,
b) read the source code of the widget,
c) read the source code of other programs (e.g. using lxr),
d) add to the tutorial and mail the changes to the tutorial maintainer.

See also ...

(the documentation for GtkImage)

(searchable source code repository of Gnome stuff)

(list of matches to a search of GtkImage)

By the way, if it is an unchanging image, use GtkPixmap.

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

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