[Glade-users] quick question on basic usage of GLADE


  I am trying to build a basic application using GLADE.  The concept is
one of a speedometer for another code I have developed.  The coding is
done in perl.  I have all the modules installed correctly (as far as I
can tell).  I also have about 0 experience with Perl/Tk, Gtk, and Gnome
programming (which may be the issue).

  Ok, so I created my user interface with Glade (without specifying the
signals), saved it, generated the Perl code, built a trivial perl app to
call the display up.  It works, I get a display looking almost exactly
like what I want.

  The problem is how to hook into the call backs.  I am using the Gnome
Dial widget, and I would like to change the displayed value based upon a
variable I control.  So I figure that need to alter the signals in some
way.  Is this correct?   My widget is named speedometer.  So I figure
that the way to alter the value is something like


or something similar...  Is this correct?  Part of the problem is my
naivete' on the vagaries of this style of programming.  I need to drive
the display not from mousebutton pressing events, but from programmatic
events (e.g. stuff coming out of a program).  So what I want to do is to
have 2 threads, one which updates the display by running the app1->run;
bit, and the other which inspects the things I want to display, and
places them into the correct variables.  

Any clues/examples would be quite welcome.  A usermanual, an example, a
tutorial would be wonderful.  


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