[Glade-users] Menu keyboard commands and accelerators don't work

Gregory Robinson wrote:

Hi all:

I'm building an application with glade 0.5.9 and the latest gtk libs.  This is my first time with glade, 
and so far I've been very impressed with it.

Unfortunately, in my application none of the menu keyboard commands and accelerators work.

Anyone else had this experience?

When I examine my interface.c, I see no code for the accelerator groups.
However, referring to interface.c in the glade editor example in the tarball, this code exists.

I have also compared the attributes of the window and menu bars widgets between my app and the glade editor 
and I can't see any differences...

What the heck is going on?  Do I need to recompile the source with something I missed?

There is a known problem when using menubars in normal GtkWindow widgets in a Gnome

If you have enabled Gnome support, make sure you use a GnomeApp rather than a GtkWindow.

If that isn't the problem, send me the XML file and the interface.c file (gzipped)
and I'll have a look.


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