[Glade-devel] "new-project-model" branch

On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 3:23 PM, Johannes Schmid <jhs at jsschmid.de> wrote:

? ?I intentionally went to the extent of making an entry that behaved
specifically (modelled after the DevHelp search entry).

Well, it was pretty easy with the GtkEntryCompletion as we can again
reuse our tree model:

But I must admit that it probably not as sophisticated as it was before
though it can probably be tuned with a custom completion function.

Please restore the GCompletion/GtkEntry that exists in that code.

The code is already there and should work fine regardless of how the model
is implemented (from memory that code accesses a GList of objects, and
Im sure that you can still traverse a list of project objects after
the new patch),
there is no argument or desire to remove that code.


All that aside I'm excited to get rid of the dupped model code
in the inspector (I'll also be interested to try out old modelfilter
bugs and see how/if they respond; as the inspector should generally
be more stable without its own private duplicate model).

Well, I found out that I broke some things but they should be fixed now


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