[Glade-devel] "new-project-model" branch

On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 11:01 AM, Johannes Schmid <jhs at jsschmid.de> wrote:

In addition this branch updates GladeInspector and it's search field
accordingly (ok, the auto-completion in the search entry has been
omitted for now and is left as an exercise for for the read...hint:

Sorry, would you care to elaborate ? does your patch have the intention
of removing the enhanced GCompletion/GtkEntry handling code ?

Is there any reason we would need to replace this existing code with
a plain GtkEntryCompletion ?

I removed it for now but it shouldn't be difficult to bring it back. I
think using GtkEntryCompletion would be the cleaner solution as is was
designed for that use-case and we don't have to care about some
low-level stuff.

I can do it if you see it as a requirement, I just didn't care too much
about it.

   I intentionally went to the extent of making an entry that behaved
specifically (modelled after the DevHelp search entry).

All that aside I'm excited to get rid of the dupped model code
in the inspector (I'll also be interested to try out old modelfilter
bugs and see how/if they respond; as the inspector should generally
be more stable without its own private duplicate model).


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