[Glade-devel] "new-project-model" branch


In addition this branch updates GladeInspector and it's search field
accordingly (ok, the auto-completion in the search entry has been
omitted for now and is left as an exercise for for the read...hint:

Sorry, would you care to elaborate ? does your patch have the intention
of removing the enhanced GCompletion/GtkEntry handling code ?

Is there any reason we would need to replace this existing code with
a plain GtkEntryCompletion ?

I removed it for now but it shouldn't be difficult to bring it back. I
think using GtkEntryCompletion would be the cleaner solution as is was
designed for that use-case and we don't have to care about some
low-level stuff.

I can do it if you see it as a requirement, I just didn't care too much
about it.

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