[Glade-devel] "new-project-model" branch


(I discussed this with tristan on IRC but I thought it would be useful
to have a broader audience...)

There is a new branch on git.gnome.org called "new-project-model".
Basically I implement GtkTreeModel inside GladeProject which means that
the data structure used for showing the tree in the GladeInspector and
the actual data structure used internally are the same and a such kept

In addition this branch updates GladeInspector and it's search field
accordingly (ok, the auto-completion in the search entry has been
omitted for now and is left as an exercise for for the read...hint:

This all works fairly well and is really, really fast, even though I
didn't even bother to use any async stuff for the searching. I tried
this on glom.glade which is probably one of the biggest glade files
around without any noticeable lack.

So, yes, I would propose to merge this into master...

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