[Glade-devel] Toplevel embeding fix patch

2010/4/25 Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte at gmail.com>:
Ohh yeah, I forgot to deal with all the others GtkWindow descendants .

I guess it will make sense to add a new api to check the real type
instead of relying on the runtime object.

Errr Juan you dont need a new api.

Just GladeWidget->adaptor->type should be enough, if it creates a separate type
for the runtime, it should be the GtkWindow adaptor that creates the instance.

The dialogs and all should just inherit that functionality (and all
the introspection
stuff just still gets done from adaptor->type, which is not always the same type
as the type in the workspace... right ?)


Anyways I am starting to think that this is not much better than the old hack :)


Juan Pablo

2010/4/25 Javier Jard?n <jjardon at gnome.org>:
2010/4/26 Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte at gmail.com>:
Hello guys, this patch replaces the old toplevel embeding hack by
extending the "parent" catalog class property.
This lets us make glade use a GtkEventBox as the runtime widget
instead of a GtkWindow.

The only downside is that we cant rely on the type of the object at
runtime, so i had to replace all the GTK_IS_WINDOW.

I will appreciate if you guys could test it and send me some feedback

Hello Juan,

great, a patch to get rid of GTK_WIDGET_UNSET (w, GTK_TOPLEVEL) hack ;)
I attach a .glade file that crashes glade after applying you patch.

Hope helps

Javier Jard?n Cabezas

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