[Glade-devel] Toplevel embeding fix patch

Ohh yeah, I forgot to deal with all the others GtkWindow descendants .

I guess it will make sense to add a new api to check the real type
instead of relying on the runtime object.

Anyways I am starting to think that this is not much better than the old hack :)


Juan Pablo

2010/4/25 Javier Jard?n <jjardon at gnome.org>:
2010/4/26 Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte at gmail.com>:
Hello guys, this patch replaces the old toplevel embeding hack by
extending the "parent" catalog class property.
This lets us make glade use a GtkEventBox as the runtime widget
instead of a GtkWindow.

The only downside is that we cant rely on the type of the object at
runtime, so i had to replace all the GTK_IS_WINDOW.

I will appreciate if you guys could test it and send me some feedback

Hello Juan,

great, a patch to get rid of GTK_WIDGET_UNSET (w, GTK_TOPLEVEL) hack ;)
I attach a .glade file that crashes glade after applying you patch.

Hope helps

Javier Jard?n Cabezas

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