[Glade-devel] Unexpected element <signal> inside <widget>

Tristan Van Berkom ha scritto:
2009/3/24 Micha? Karnicki <mkarnicki at gmail.com>:
I can't tell what was the version of glade which produced the file (I
recently had ubuntu 8.10 up to date, but I just switched to 9.04 alfa 6).
The current version of Glade I have is 3.6.0 - I opened the not-so-old
.glade file in the new Glade and saved it. Then signals stopped to connect
with button events (at least the one I use, which is clicked/toggled).

Ok this is my guess is that libglade has some problem with
the order of accelerator/signal here, before I jump to conclusions
can you try reordering the file by hand so that the accelerator
comes after the signal ?

Reordering that will be a real pain but I'll make sure to do it
this week...


Reordering it works , i checked with some files


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