[Glade-devel] Glade: toplevel widget embedding

Note that if we allow a generic approach to handling toplevels,
we will also need to make some changes to the glade core.

currently in the prototype, the function

   glade_widget_show (GladeWidget *widget)

is responsible for parenting a `widget->object' into a
GladeDesignLayout. The pointer to the GladeDesignLayout is obtained from
the GladeProject to which the GladeWidget is attached.

If we associate a GladeDesignLayout with each GladeProject, this design
is straightforward, but if we have genericity, then we have to think of
something else.

We need a way of associating an arbitrary GladeDesignLayout to a
GladeWidget without resorting to `g_object_set_data()' or hashtables.
Also, since we are handling toplevels in a new way, maybe there is no
actual need for `glade_widget_show()' and `glade_widget_hide()' anymore.



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