[Glade-devel] Glade: toplevel widget embedding

Hi Vincent,

On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 18:06 +0200, Vincent Geddes wrote: 
Now that we are focusing on the ui and embedding stuff, we should
discuss some new API for libgladeui. We need to think of how client
programmers are going to manage the embedded toplevels (toplevels are
GtkWindow's in a glade project). Unlike in glade 3.0, toplevels are not
going to just pop-up magically on the screen anymore. 

That's really good news.

Toplevels (and non-toplevels) are embedded in a GladeDesignLayout (a
GtkBin). Only one toplevel can be contained in the widget at a time. A
toplevel can be removed and replaced with another one (usually done when
a user selects another toplevel in the widget-tree).

That is a good start. What's more useful would be to create the
GladeDesignLayout for each toplevel (notified in some way through the
GladeProject object). That way, the user can have any such layouts
opened and the IDE can put them in some suitable way (notebook being the
very basic one).

I presume, the rest of the glade components (in particular; windows list
and widget tree) are going to be shared. If that is the case, glade can
internally switch their context (project) whenever user change focus on
the GladeDesignLayout.

Or more interestingly, those two views can have multiviews showing
multiple trees/lists in the same view corresponding to the each project
(separated by a fine line, between them).

Now that would be cool :).



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