[Glade-devel] Writing a glade plugin, and documenting how to do it; can any experienced glade developer/user help me in this ?

Philippe Bertin wrote:

Hello, all,

I am documenting how to write a glade plugin, all while learning how to 
do so. This will result in a document hopefully helpful for other people 
wishing to do a similar thing later (documentation is scarce these days, 
at least for glade-3 plugins !).

Sounds great :)


I have also already adapted the xml file in the catalogs directory, as 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glade-catalog name="tictactoe" library="gladetictactoe" 
domain="glade-3" book="tictactoe">

   <glade-widget-class name="Tictactoe" title="Widget">

 <glade-widget-group name="Custom" title="Custom">
   <glade-widget-class-ref name="Tictactoe"/>

My question is : what next ?


Well I wonder first did you stumble on the existing documentation
at http://glade.gnome.org/docs/index.html ?

The "adding your own widgets" section should be helpfull, along with
looking at the existing gtk+ & gnome catalogs for some reference
(but I think we need a simplified example for reference).

To answer that question above at a glance, assuming you have a 
function (and a Tictactoe object ofcourse) in libgladetictactoe (or the 
that libgladetictactoe links against) then glade will recognize it and 
load all
its properties automatically, if you need to change anything, than you start
playing with the <properties> tag etc.

You should note too that *ahem* this api is going to change alot in the
near future and has already in cvs HEAD (currently unstable), but
I'd love to help you anyway I can to document it !

We hang out quite alot at irc.gnome.org in #glade3, you're more than
welcome to swing by and ask us whatever :)


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