[Glade-devel] Writing a glade plugin, and documenting how to do it; can any experienced glade developer/user help me in this ?

Hello, all,

I am documenting how to write a glade plugin, all while learning how to 
do so. This will result in a document hopefully helpful for other people 
wishing to do a similar thing later (documentation is scarce these days, 
at least for glade-3 plugins !).

For doing all this, I'll use a modified widget giving it an extra 
property : a dimension; not hard-coded 3x3, but modifyable between 2x2 
and 9x9. Also there is it's "tictactoe" signal on which it should be 
possible to assign a callback function by means of glade-3.

So up to now I adapted the original tictactoe widget (code available for 
those who are already now interested in having it) so that I have this 
modifyable dimension and it issues the "tictactoe" signal once there's a 
complete row or a complete column or a complete diagonal row.

I have also already adapted the xml file in the catalogs directory, as 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glade-catalog name="tictactoe" library="gladetictactoe" 
domain="glade-3" book="tictactoe">

    <glade-widget-class name="Tictactoe" title="Widget">

  <glade-widget-group name="Custom" title="Custom">
    <glade-widget-class-ref name="Tictactoe"/>

My question is : what next ?

I hope that some(one) of the more experienced glade developers/users 
will be able to give some pointers or background information on the road 
ahead. I've had a hard time reading the code up to now (learning). 
Especially as I wasn't too familiar with GTK when starting, alltogether...

Kind regards,


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